A diamondwiresaw is a wire saw which contains diamond dust in it and useful for cutting through materials. They come in different lengths and diameters. Due to the diamond dust present in it, it can cut through any material which is softer than diamond. The wire can also be called a blade and is run by electricity or by manual labor, in a chain of loops or in to and fro movements.
They are a good option for you in the following cases:

diamond-wire1. Cutting through Hard Material: This is the main reason why you should be opting to use a Diamond wire saw. As it can cut through any material which is softer than diamond you can use it for industrial purposes.

2. Saves Money: As compared to your usage of solid blades, a diamond wire saw will produce way less waste from the material you cut through saving a lot of the expensive material you are using and your money as well.

3. Efficient Cutting Technique: If you are using a diamond wire saw, do you know that it has a different and efficient cutting technique, unlike the other wire saws? It contains some fluid or water for the purpose of lubricating to chill the cut you’ve made and remove the rubble produced.

4. A Clean Dry Cut is Produced: After you have finished cutting through your expensive material you will find a clean, regular and dry cut, unlike a normal wire saw.

5. Lightweight: Diamond wire saws are not heavy and do not add too much weight to your carried objects. Thus, it is a very good portable saw, which can be carried to different places of work in case your workplace keeps on shifting from one location to another.

6. Survival Gear: Diamond chainsaws can also act as good survival gear due to its durability and its cutting properties. When talking about survival, it means that you are trapped in a forest (say) where a diamond wire saw can act as an effective survival gear. As the manual ones don’t carry much weight, you can easily pack it in your kit, before going for any adventure.

precious-1199183_640You can use it for survival to cut through

  • Thick branches of trees
  • PVC pipes
  • Light metals
  • Sections off through leather, intense canvas or nylon straps
  • Strong ropes

In an industrial setting, diamond wire saws are used to cut pieces that can’t be affected by heat. The saw produces so little heat that even fragile materials won’t be destroyed. For more on industrial cutting you can read our articles on laser cutting.