light-579290_640In modern days, a laser cutter is a very important machine you can find in a shop. It uses the application of strong lasers instead of cutting blade to cut out objects from a material. For example, you can cut out or engrave alphabets from or into a thick piece of plastic or wood.
You can learn the method to use a Laser Cutter from the steps below:

Step 1: You Need To Buy a Laser Cutting Machine
Several brands in the market manufacture and sell these machines from where you can buy it. But if you are planning to buy one, you might want to keep the budget in mind coz they don’t come cheap. If not, contact someone, who already have one, and you can loan it for a few tasks or you can just pay an external company to do the work for you.

Step 2: Gather Materials Which You Want To Cut
After you have acquired the machine, the next step to follow will be to gather materials which you want to cut, such as brass plates, wood, glass or polycarbonate plastic plates.

Step 3: Acquiring the Software
To make your Laser cutter work, you need to program the machine with your computer and set up the designs it’ll make. For this, you’d need the software called CorelDraw X4 (or above).

laser-24095_640Step 4: Warnings
Materials like plastic and wood are highly flammable as a result you need to be careful and keep the machine lid close while the machine works. Items like PVCs produce chlorine which can be corrosive. When cutting reflective things, don’t keep the reflective side towards the laser cut head, or it may damage your machine.

Step 5: Setting Up the Power and Speed of the Machine
This will require you to set up the power level at which the laser will operate and the speed at which it will work.

We’ll continue this series next week here!